Executive Program Management

Paslay Group’s Executive Program Management company assists airport leadership teams as they pursue the implementation of complex capital development programs.

We offer a veteran staff from diverse backgrounds with tremendous experience successfully managing projects of significant scope. Our EPM engagements serve to meet the program management needs of owners, mitigate risk, and ensure success to the greatest extent possible as small, medium, and large hub airports implement their capital development programs. We focus on delivering a customized implementation plan crafted by our EPM experts that meets the specific needs of that airport, delivering their definition of success and also providing peace of mind to airport leadership.

Our industry veterans work as an extension of our client’s leadership team, thinking and operating as the owner. Led by respected former airport executives who have overseen billions of dollars of capital development programs, we have the expertise to forecast challenges and the creativity to develop strategies that ensure project success.

Implementation Strategy Development

Our EPM company works directly in collaboration with airport leadership teams to evaluate and develop an overall implementation strategy for capital development programs.

We collaborate with the owner to define their development priorities within the context of their situation to arrive at the best overall implementation plan that addresses how to carry out the program including the key levers of:

  • Funding/Financing
  • Delivery Method Selection
  • Organizational/Staffing Definition
  • Program Management & Project Control Systems Implementation
  • Risk Management
  • Contracting Strategy
  • Procurement Strategy
  • Communications


Key Insight During Critical Projects

Major airport projects are our expertise and the sole focus of Executive Program Management. Beyond the assembly of an executive team and the day-to-day management of the capital development program, we offer as many services and as much expertise as is required by each unique client.

With dozens of successful capital development programs in our corporate history and a diversity of talented experts on our staff, we can assist or take the lead on numerous issues that determine success in capital development programs. Some of these project requirements include community engagement, M/W/S/DBE outreach & inclusion, permitting, and federal agency negotiation & collaboration.

Adept project management alone doesn’t ensure capital development program success. It requires a team that can think and act as owners, offering creative solutions to deeply complex problems. This represents the core of who Paslay Group’s EPM company is and how we deliver our work.

Support at Any Juncture

While Executive Program Management has the greatest impact if leveraged from the outset of a capital development program, the Paslay Group EPM company has engaged with owners at many different stages in the project development cycle. We are skilled and experienced at being brought in mid-stream to course correct and put a development program on the path to success.

Whether shifting from a previous partner to Paslay Group or bringing our staff in to help the owner improve a project’s implementation, we evaluate the realities, strategize like owners, and execute swiftly.

Recent EPM Projects

CASE STUDYOmaha Airport Authority

As part of their planned terminal redevelopment program, the Omaha Airport Authority (OAA) needed to create a delivery strategy that could successfully meet various business objectives. They reached out to Paslay Group’s EPM company to identify their key development objectives and thoughtfully arrive at a delivery method that maximized speed and success.


Airport Excellence is Our Expertise.

Let’s talk about how we can help your airport achieve new heights.


Airport Excellence is Our Expertise.

Let’s talk about how we can help your airport achieve new heights.