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Paslay Group’s Advisory company provides airport executives with enterprise-level business strategy to help optimize financial results, improve business performance, and ensure long-term airport success.

Led by industry veterans with a proven track record of excellence in airport business strategy, including enterprise-level performance, concessions development, and airport-airline agreement negotiations, Paslay Group Advisory is trusted by world-class airports across North America.

A key differentiator of our Advisory offering is its structure and mission. We aren’t focused on staff augmentation and we aren’t offering consulting as a small part of a larger engagement. Supporting airport executives with adept, unbiased evaluations and strategies is at the core of what we offer. Whether working as an extension of our client’s leadership team, supporting business continuity during a time of transition, or guiding transformational performance, our analysis and strategic guidance meet the most complex client needs.

Enterprise-Level Business Strategy

Airports across the country leverage Paslay Group Advisory to proactively evaluate performance and create strategic plans for improvement.

Critical areas of emphasis include:

  • Executive-level Strategy and Leadership
  • Concession Program Development
  • Financial Optimization of Non-Aeronautical Revenues
  • Operational Analysis and Improvement across airport business lines
  • Development of Enterprise-level Strategic Plans
  • Airport-Airline Business Agreements/Negotiations

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“The partnership between the Nashville International Airport and the Paslay Group has been critical to the success of our $1.6B expansion and redevelopment of BNA. Furthermore, their expertise and leadership in concessions management will ensure we achieve world class results for our customers. This company knows airports, drives results, provides pointed feedback, and excels at collaboration to deliver superior results for their clients.” —DOUGLAS KREULEN
President & Chief Executive Officer
Metropolitan Nashville Airport Authority

Strategic Solutions to Business Challenges

Airport operations leave little margin for error and even less time to react during adverse circumstances. When business challenges arise that require a prompt resolution, airport leadership teams choose to leverage Paslay Group Advisory.

Our team of industry veterans has experience assisting airports to manage and respond to change, however the need is generated. When airports experience a transition in key leadership positions, we assist by filling the void directly, or by working alongside an interim appointment or advising the Board of Directors. We understand the importance of maintaining business continuity. And, when airport leadership recognizes the need to pivot the organization’s direction to address a changing business environment, the experienced resources of Paslay Group Advisory help define, communicate and advance the new direction with an effective enterprise-level strategic plan development.

We also have a track record in helping airports respond to revenue generation challenges, including implementing new concession business models and restructuring airport-airline business agreements. With a dual focus on short-term mitigation and long-term revenue generation, we can be relied upon for innovative thinking, collaboration, and impactful results. We understand the complexities of the airport business and bring first-hand experience recognizing and addressing the type of challenges airport owners confront every day.

Advisory Engagements

CASE STUDYRoanoke-Blacksburg Regional Airport

Confronted with a transition in Airport leadership, the Roanoke Regional Airport Commission needed assistance in maintaining the continuity of airport business and guidance in completing a search for a new Airport Director including retaining a professional search firm to execute the recruitment.


Airport Excellence is Our Expertise.

Let’s talk about how we can help your airport achieve new heights.


Airport Excellence is Our Expertise.

Let’s talk about how we can help your airport achieve new heights.