The City of Mineral Wells is in the process of executing its long-term Comprehensive Economic Strategic Plan to build and grow the city. As part of this plan, Mineral Wells Regional Airport (MWL) needs the expertise to create a vision that will support them as catalyst for the growth of the city. In addition to this vision the Airport needs expertise in creating a land plan and developing the Airport’s surrounding 500 acres.



PG Development began by implementing a three-phase approach to developing a Comprehensive Vision Plan for the airport.

As the first phase, a Vision for MWL was created and established as a foundation for solid development planning. To create the 2030 Vison for MWL, it was imperative to review the City of Mineral Wells’ Economic Development Strategic Plan, regional activities and trends and develop supporting themes.

During the second phase, PG Development began by working with the airport and city to create a comprehensive land plan for the surrounding airport lands. Based on the vision and Paslay Group’s analyses of existing and likely future conditions, a series of land-use alternatives were prepared, and an optimum airport development plan was generated. This plan was completed through multiple charettes and two major workshops and presentations. The final land plan included the highest and best uses for lands, opportunities and constraints analysis, multiple alternative land plans, and a connecting corridor(s) evaluation.

As the final and third phase of consulting, PG Development continued to work with MWL and Engineering entities to complete a full and comprehensive Airport Layout Plan to be used in future development of the Airport lands.


PG Development is working with the City, Private entities, and the Airport to Build MWL as a Regional Economic Hub which accelerates access, development and economic growth to both the City of Mineral Wells and its surrounding area. Our team is strategizing to grow their midsize airport to increase tourism and industry businesses including Aviation, Alternative Mobility, Heliports, and Vertiports, Healthcare and Life Sciences R&D, Advanced Material and Manufacturing, Education and Innovation Incubators, and Ecommerce and Logistics.


As Master Developer of MWL, PG Development will first and foremost serves to execute upon the Land Plan and ALP approved by the Mineral Wells’ City Council. As Master Developer our team will drive beneficial Public-Private Partnerships, with full transparency, between the airport and industries that will provide the Airport with long-term growth and increased revenues.

We will leverage the 6000-foot runway to attract aviation industries who will lead the increase in corporate clients and tourist access to the greater expanding city. PG Development is also focusing on the natural resources of MWL and building a hub for both internationally recognized and incubator Alternative Mobility R&D research facilities.

Additionally, PG Development is refurbishing existing structures to create an Education and Innovation center to integrate and supply resources to new MWL businesses and ultimately increase the economic impacts and job growth for the region.

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