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What Is Executive Program Management for the Aviation Sector?

Paslay Group founder and CEO R. Clay Paslay spent 25 years as the Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport executive leading capital development. He had experience with the program management approach of hiring large firms with pre-determined teams and processes to execute capital programs and wanted to develop an alternate, more effective model. Introduced to the aviation industry almost two decades ago, Paslay Group’s EPM model increases efficiency by providing airport owners a small team of two to four highly experienced executives to help plan and manage capital programs while serving as an extension of the airport’s executive leadership team.

Watch as Clay explains the origin, philosophy, and principles of PG’s revolutionary approach to EPM in aviation.

Unlocking Airport Excellence

The Paslay Group EPM model effectively manages large-scale development programs and ensures success. It’s a model proven to overcome challenges like cost and schedule management while safeguarding reputation and community perception.

Airports are embracing Executive Program Management (EPM) to efficiently plan, implement, and execute their programs. Notable examples include Cleveland Airport Systems and the Metropolitan Nashville Airport Authority.

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The Aviation Executive Program Management Model

The EPM model thrives with a compact team of seasoned development leaders, seamlessly integrated with the airport’s executive team. These professionals expand the owner’s capacity to manage the development program effectively. A typical EPM team includes a senior Executive Program Manager, a Project Controls Manager, Construction Manager, and Design Manager. Additional roles are tailored to the specific needs of the airport and program, such as an Operational Readiness and Airport Transfer (ORAT) manager or an Automated People Mover system specialist.

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